Dept of Materials Forming and Processing / Politechnika Rzeszowska im. Ignacego Łukasiewicza

The scientific and research activity of the Department of Materials Forming and Processing covers the broadly understood plastic processing of metals (extrusion processes, including KoBo extrusion, forging, rolling, drawing, extrusion), unconventional processes of joining metallic materials (clinching, riveting, friction stir welding), mechanical processing (designing and tool production, e.g. for plastic forming processes) and processing of plastics. The research covers the theory and technology of manufacturing various materials, including composites, numerical modeling of materials and processes, and testing the mechanical and structural properties of manufactured products from various materials. The subject of scientific and research work carried out in the Department largely results from the implementation of many projects financed from the state budget, EU funds, funds from industrial companies, research services. The results include of these works are the source of many publications, patents and implementations. The scientific achievements of the Department include many scientific monographs, several hundred publications and many papers at national and international conferences. The activity in the field of didactics is related to educating students in various fields, including mechanics and mechanical engineering, management and production engineering, transport engineering, medical engineering, mechatronics, materials engineering, aviation and aeronautics.